Color Pallettes

I have chosen these color palletes because they not only tie in with the subjects being interviewed, I feel that it also represents how nonchalant this magazine can be.  The color theme is a widespread analogous that almost reaches into the zone of complimentary.


The D.City Murmur

Demons in OUR government? It is more possible than you think! Get the inside look on Mayor Corsette’s  choices for city council in this week’s murmur.


Demons in OUR government? 

. Angel House Bakery opening in Daten City! The world renowned sweets-shop has chosen our beloved city for the location of their newest store, opening next month! Look forward to the best desserts earth has to offer!


Angel House coming to a city near you!


Edgy News Magazine

After leaving Daten City in shambles every time the Anarchy sisters “save the day” from ghostly monstrosities, people have begun to question if they are really the good guys. Though the sibling duo shows little-to-no remorse for the damage they’ve inflicted while protecting the city, they decided to humor this magazine with the 50 question interview.

Edgy News Magazine

Summary: 50 questions with a “superhero” duo. Something along the lines of:

“Up close and personal with the Anarchy Sisters of Daten City! Get inside the minds of Panty and Stocking as we ask them the questions we have all been dying to know the answers to. Are they really the bad guys? We want to know what you think after this groundbreaking interview!”


Verdana Summary

Verdana, a humanist sans-serif font,  achieves a modern, sleek, and professional look. Verdana was designed  by Matthew Carter for Microsoft Corporation to be legible at small sizes on the low-resolution computer screens of the period.


Verdana is classified as Modern Humanist.

Humanist typefaces are based on the proportions of Roman inscriptional letters. Frequently, contrast in stroke weight is readily apparent. Typographic experts claim that these are the most legible and most easily read of the sans serif typefaces. Humanistic sans serif typefaces also closely match the design characteristics and proportions of serif types, often with a strong calligraphic influence.